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Full text of "Proceedings of the Evangelical Lutheran Synod and Ministerium of North Carolina and Adjacent Parts : convened in John's Church, at Salisbury, Rowan County, N. Carolina, May 2nd and days succeeding, A.D. 1835"

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^V Alii G^lilC iVli 





Convened in John's Church, 

At Salisbury, Rowan County, N. Carolina. 

A. D. 183.J. 

Printed at The Western Carolinian Office. 



Of the Evaiigelical Lutheran l^yiiod of IVorth 

Carolina and adjacent parts, for A. D. 1 835. 

ON the first Sunday in May, being the 3rd day of the month, the 
Ministers ar.d Lay-Delegates of the Evangelical Lutheran Church 
of the State of North Carolina and adjacent parts assembled in Sy- 
nod, in John's Church, at Salisbury, North Carolina. 

On Saturday previous, a numerous Congregation was edified by 
suitable and impressive discourses, preparatory to the Sacrament of 
the Lord's Supper. In the morning, the Rev. W. Artz pronounced 
a discourse from Coloss. 3, 16: *' Let the word of Christ dwell in 
you richly in all wisdom ; teaching and admonishing one another in 
psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing with grace in your 
hearts to the Lord." 

In the afternoon, the Rev. J. Scherer preached from Hebr. 10, 
22 : *' Let us draw near with a true heart in full assurance of faith, 
having our hearts sprinkled from an evil conscience, and our bodies 
washed with pure water " 

In the evening, at candle-light, another discourse was delivered, 
by the Rev. W. C. Bennet, from Matt. 28, 19 — first clause : " Go 
ye, therefore, and teach all nations." 

On Sunday morning, a numerous congregation assembled in the 
Church for Divine Worship. The Rev. H. Graeber preached the 
Sypodical discourse from Mark 1, 15 : "The time is fulfilled, and 
the Kingdom of God is at hand : repent ye, and believe the Gospel." 

After which, the Rev. Father, G. Shober, delivered a feeling ad- 
dress, and consecrated the elements of the Eucharist. The Sa- 
crament of the Lord's Supper was now subsequently administered 
to the Ministers and Lay-Delegates, and to a large number of the 
members of the congregation, as well as to some Christians c{ other 
denominations; during this solemn time, it is hoped that a goodly 
number have made "a Sabbath day's journey towards the Kmg- 
dom of Heaven*" 

In the afternoon, the Rev. Secretary, W. Artz, preached from 
John 3, 14, 15 : " And as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilder- 
ness, even so must the Son of Man be lifted up : That whosoever 
believed in him should not perish, but have eternal life." 

In the eveninj!, at candle-light, the Rev. D. Jenkins preached, 
from II. Cor. 5, 20: " Now, then, we are ambassadors for Christ, 
as though God did beseach you by us: we pray you, in Christ's 
stead, be ye reconciled to God." 

Monday Mormng, 9 o'clock, May 4, 1835. 
In pursuance to previous notice, for the purpose of transactino the 
business of the Synod: the Ministers and Lay Deloaates assembled 
in the Church. After singing a hymn, the Session of the Synod 
was opened with prayer by the President. 

On calling the names, the following Ordained Ministers and Li- 
centiates answered to them, and took their seats in Synod accord- 


Rev. Gotleib Shober, Salem, N. Carolina.— Rev. Jacob Scherer, 
Wythe County. Virginia — Rev. Henry Grabber, near Salisbury, 
R.wan county, N. C— Rev. Jacob Miller, Davidson county, N. C. 
Rev. William Artz, Orange county. North Carolina. 

Rev. Jacob Grieson, Guilford county. North Carolina. — Rev. 
Daniel Jenkms, Davidson county, North Carolina. 

Rev. Daniel Scherer, Hillsborough, Illinois— Rev. William Jen- 
kins, Shelbyville, Tennessee — Rev. Samuel Rothrock* Salisbury, 
N. Carolina — Rev. Adam Grimes, Surry county, N. Carolina. 

The Lay-Delegates were now called upon to present their certi- 
ficates of appointment to this Synod ; whereupon, the following gen- 
tlemen presented their credentials and took their seats accordmgly : 

Mr. Martin Ripple, from Rev. G. Shober's congregation, (Hopewell) 
Dr. John Stanger, J. Scherer's do. 

Mr. Daniel Cress, H. Graeber's do. 

Adam Haggle, W. Ariz's do. 

Moses L. Brown, S. Rothrock's do. 

Thomas J. Myers, A. Seech rist's former do. 

Col. John Smith, D. Jenkins's do. 

Mr. Henry Trexler, who appeared as a Lay-Delegate in Synod, 
cheerfully offered to vacate his seat, when it appeared from the 
Constitution that the congregation which he intended to represent, 
under existing circumstancas, occupied a part of a Ministerial dis- 
trict, from which there was already one Lay Delegate present. 

" The Rev. S. Rothrock, the Pastor Loci, having been unable to attend 
our Synodical Session, in consequence of bodily illness, we truly sympa- 
thise with him, and pray and hope that the Lord may soon favor him again 
with the blessings of health. 


Now the Rev. President read the Report of his official transactions for 
the past year ; which was laid on the table. 

The Rev. President now informed the Synod of the election of Officers 
for the en^uinjT year. 

The Rev. G^. Scherer was invited to the Chair, and the Rev, G. Shober 
appointed Secretary, pro tempore. 

On motion, Resolved, That each Officer be voted for separately. The 
meiiibers pr ceeded to the ballotincr ; and, on counting the votes, it appear- 
ed that the following persons were chosen, viz : 

Rev. JACOB SCHERER, President. 
HENRY GRJEBER, Secretary. 
WILLIAM ARTZ, Treasurer. 

The Rev J. Scherer rose and offered to resign the Presidency, but it 
was decided in the negative. 

The Rev. VV C. Benne., Minister of the German Reformed Church, 
being present, was introduced, and received as an advisary member of this 

Resolved, That the reading of the Minutes of last Synod be dispensed. 

The Rev. President now stated : that all papers intended for the {?ynod, 
or Ministerium, should be handed in ; and also, that verbal notice might be 
given of any important business intended to be brought before this body, 
not contained in writing. 

Hereunto, the following communications, addressed to this Synod, were 
handjed in; which were opened, arranged, and numbered: 

No. 1, was composed of Petitions. 

No. 2, contained a packet of papers relative to Mr. Andrew Seechrist's 
immoral deportment. 

No. 3, consisted of Minutes received from our sister Synods. 

No. 4. consisted of the President's Report for the last Synodical year. 

No. 5, comprised the Treasurer's Account and Report. 

No. 6, included Letters, 

Now the vote was taken, whether those communications presented shall 
be taken up and be discussed before the Whole House, or whether they 
shall first be referred to Commitrees? 

Resolved, that they first be referred to Committees for Examination and 

Resolved that the President appoint said Committees. 

The said Communications were referred as follows: 

No. 1, was referred to Rev. VV. Artz, Col. J. Smith, and D. Cress, Esq. 

No. 2, to Rev. H. Grasbpr, Dr. J. Stangcr, and Mr. Moses L. Brown. 
' No. 3, to Rev. D. Jonkms, Rev. VV. C. Bennet, and Mr. T. J. Myers. 

No. 4, to Rev. VV. Artz, Rev. J. Scherer, Rev. J. Grieson, and Mr. 
Martin Ripple. 

No. 5, to Dr. J. Stanger, Rev. J. Miller, and Mr. Thomas J. Myers. 

No. 6, to Rev. 11. Grjeber, Rev. G. Shober, and Mr. A. Haggle. 

The Ministers were then called upon Vo hand in their Parochial Reportfj, 
which are as follows : 



■ . — jf 

e— -■ 





■r. 1 








1 1 







"s 1 







o 1 






^ i 

Rev. G. Shober. 





1 1 

J. Scherer. 







3 1 

H. Greeber. 







2 1 

J. Miller. . 







■ - 

W. Artz. . 








S. Rothrock. 








J. Grieson. 







D- Jenkins. 





279 1 


5 ! 









The number of vacant congregratiorjs was now enquired into, from which 
it appeared, that some congregations, within the bounds of this Synod, are 
still unsupplied with Ministers of our Church, to break the bread of life un- 
to them. This Synod indeed sympathises with them, and <ieeply rep rets 
that it has not at present the means to fulfil the wishes of its parishioners. 
Whereupon it was 

Resolved^ That it be recommended to every Minister of this Synod to 
exert liunself to oj-et the consent of his conirregations, with a portion of their 
time, to visit those destitute members of our Church. 

Resolved, That the Synod adjourn until after preaching. 

Prayer by the Rev. W. Artz. 

This afternoon, the Rev. G. Shober preached, from Gal. 6, 18: "Breth- 
ren the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit. Amen." 
The Synod resumed its business at 4 oclock, P. M. 
Prayer by the Rev. President. 

The followiuf,'- contributions, from congregations and individuals, for the 
benefit of the Synodical Treasury, were handed in, viz: 

Rev. G. Shober's Congregation, (Hopewell,) - - - $125^ 

Rev. J. Scherer' s Congregations : 

Burk's Garden, 2 00 

St. John's Church, 4 83 

Kimberling's, 2 00 

St. Paul's, 2 07^ 

Zion's, 3 00 

Bv Mr. A Grossglose, 1 00 

3 55 

8 00 

5 00 


3 00 

3 00 

2 00 

2 00 

2 124 

1 50 


Brought over from page 5, $16 15^ 
Rev. H' Greeber^s Congregations : 

Orsfan Church, 

Str John's, 


By Mr. D. Lentz, from Luther*8 Church, - 
Rev. W. Artz's Congregations, - - . 

John's Church, (Salisbury,) - - - - 

Rev. D. Jenkins* Congregations: 
Pilgrim's Church, 
Bear Creek Church, 
Beck's Church, - 
Sandy Creek, 

Total, $46 83^ 

The first Committee was now called upon to Report. 

No. 1. The Committee appointed to examine No. 1. asking leave to 
report, that it contains 

A petition from Frederick Callep's Church, Smith County, Va., to sup- 
ply them with a Minister, who can preach to them both in the German 
and English Languages. — Referred to the Ministerium. 

A Petition from Chiihowee, Smith county, Va., in which they deplore 
the truly distressing state of their congregation, in consequence of having 
no Minister to preach unto them the bread of life. They entreat the Sy- 
nod to send them a Minister as soon as possible; and, if this is impractica- 
ble, to be visited occasionally.— Referred to the Ministerium. 

A Petition from Pilgrim's Church, Davidson County, N. C, in which 
they express their approbation of the labors of the Rev. D. Jenkins, durmg 
the past year, and their desire that he will remain among them, which we 
refer to the consideration of the Ministerium. 

Also, a Petition from the same Church, to be favored with the next ses- 
sion of this body. 

A Petition from Sandy Creek Congregation, in which they request a 
continuation of the labors of the Rev. D. Jenkins among them. — Referred 
to the Ministerium. 

A Petition from the congregation at Cold-Water meeting-house, Cabar- 
rus county, N. C, to be favored with preaching by the Rev. D. Jenkins, 
for the space of twelve months ; or even for a shorter time. — Referred to 
the Ministerium. 

A Petition from the members of Bethel Church, Montgomery county, 
N. C, for the ministerial Inbors of the Rev. D. Jenkins among them. — 
Referred to the Ministerium, — Also, a request of the same Church to be 
fevored with the next session of this Synod. 

A Petition from Becks's Church, Davidson county, N. C, in which they 
state their peculiar want of a Minister, and pray for the useful labors of 
the Rev. D. Jenkins among them. — Referred to the Ministermm. 

A Petition from Sowers' congresration, Davidson, county, N. C , for the 
ministerial labors of the Rev. D. Jenkins to be continued among them. — 
Referred to the ministerium. 

A Petition from Union Church, Rowan county, N. C, for the labors of 
the Rev. D. Jenkins among them. — Referred to the Ministerium. 


A Petition from the Rev J GriHsoii for the renewal ol his License. — 
Rcferreil to tho Ministerium. — Reiipectfullv snl)initli'cl. 

WILLIAM ARTZ, Chairman of Coram. 

Resolved, That this Report be adopted. 

Resolved, By this Synod, that the subject of Temperance be recora 
mended to our people. 

On motion, lipsolved, That we adjourn for this eveninof, to meet a^in 
on to-morrow morning, at 9 o'clock. Prayer by the Rev. J. Miller. 

Tuesday Morning, 9 o'clock. May 5, 1935. 

Svnod met, and opened with prayer by the Rev. President. 

The second Committee was now called upon to report. 

Your Committee, appointed to examine a packet of papers marJted No. 2, 
relative to Mr. Andrew Seechrist's im.moral deportment, have carefully 
and conscienciously examined them, an«l be^ leave to Report as follows: 

Your Committee have, in the first place, examined a letter of said See- 
chnst, addressed to this Synod, in a most rude and unbecoming style, in 
which he intimates his intention of detaching himself from this Synod in 

Secondly, we have fully examined all the evidences addressed, before 
us, respecting the charge of his most immoral conduct, from which your 
Committee is fully convinced, that he ought to be disowned by this Synod 
in future, even if his letter had not requested his dismissal. 

And, Thirdly, your committee is of the opinion, that in case any party 
or parties, from amongst the members of our Churches, should claim him 
as their minister in future, they should cease to belong to our connexion. 

Respectfully submitted, HENRY GRiEBER, Chairman. 

Resolved, That this Report be adopted. 

The third Committee was now called upon to Report. 

No. 3. The Committee appointed to examine and Report on minutes 
of the different Synods, of the recent Convention in the West, have attend- 
ed to the duty ass'gned them, and beg leave to report as follows: 

1st. The SynoiJ of South-Carolina, convened at Ebenezer Church, Ef- 
fingham County, Georgia, attended by 7 Ordained Min sters and 4 Licen- 
tiates, who reported 1703 regular communicants, confirmed 125, baptized 
405, and Sabbath Schools 18. 

Moreover, the said Synod acknowledge the reception of a letter from our 
Delegate, the Rev. H. Graeber, addressed to them; and requested to re- 
ciprocate the same. 

2nd. The Synod of East Pennsylvania, convened at Reading, on Tri- 
nity Sunday, A. D. 1834, for the purpose of transacting their Synodical 
business, att-^ndeil by 31 Ordained Ministers, and 4 candidates, who, to- 
gether with the absrntees, reported, 22,003 Communicants, confirmed 2,182, 
baptized 4,249, and 1.59 Sunday Schools. 

We would farther state, that we cannot pass over, in silence, a letter 
addressed to said Synod by the Rev, J. Jones, a Colored Missionary, with- 
out expressing our high approbation of hie laborious and successful efforts 
amongst his colored brethren, in collectinix and organizing three Congre- 
gations; one in Philadelphia, another in Gettysburg, and a third in Cham- 
be rsburg. 

3rd. Contains the extracts from the minutes of the second session of the 
Hartwick Synod, aod Ministerium of the Evangelical Lutherian Church 


in the State of New York, convened at St. Paul's Church, Schoharne, 
Schoharie county, October 20, 1832* 

4thly. Are the proceedings of the recent Convention, held in Jefferson- 
town, JetTerson comity, Kentucky, at which there were three Ordained 
I\I iusters, and three Lay- Delegates present. It is with no small degree of 
interest, that we have examined the proceeding's of said Convention, which 
leaves a flattering impression upon the mind of the Committee, relative to 
its future prosperity. We cannot, however, conclude our remarks, without 
applying the untiring efforts of our brethren in the far West, and wishing 
that the smiles of Omnipotence may continue to prosper their attempts in 
behalf of our Lutheran Zion. In conclusion, your Committee would re- 
commend that six copies of the minutes of the present session be sent to 
all our sister Synods in the United States. — Submitted with deference. 
DANIEL JENKINS, Chairman of Comm. 
Resolved, That this Report be accepted. 
The fourth Committee was now called upon to Report. 
No. 4. The Committee appointed to examine the same, being the Pre- 
sident's Report of the last Synod ical year, ask permission to state, that 
they have examined it, and recommend, that the extract which they have 
made be published with the minutes. See page 14. 
Submitted with deference. WILLIAM ARTZ, Chairman of Com. 
Resolved, That the statement of the Committee be accepted. 
The fiflh Committee was now called upon to Report. 
No. 5. The Committee appointed by the Synod to examine the accounts 
of their late Treasurer, the Rev. Samuel Rothrock, have performed that 
duty, and beg leasee to make the following Report thereon: 
Your Committee find, from the statement exhibited by the Treasurer, that 
there came into his hands, since the la^t annual settlement with the for- 
mer Treasurer, the sum of . - . . $158 77| 
We also find, that, since that period, he has expended, at dif- 
ferent times, to the order of the President, as the vouchers 
exhibited shew, the sum of - - - - 48 30 

Leaving at present in the Treasury, the sum of - - $110 47f 

Whereof .'^^50 are by bond, and the balance in cash. 

By contributions handed in at the present Session, here added 46 SS^ 

All humbly submitted. Total $157 31 

JOHN ST ANGER, Chairman of Comm. 

Resolved, That this Report be adopted. 

Resolved, That the sum of 92^ cents be paid to the Rev. G Shober, for 
postage, by the present Treasurer, out of the funds of this Synod. 

Resolved, That the sum of ,^4 21^ be paid, out of the same funds, by 
the Treasurer, to the Rev. H. Grseber for postage, and the translation of 
the Minutes of our last session into the German Language. 

* After the Synod was adjourned, and its members were gone to retire- 
ment, five copies of the minutes of the thirty-ninth Synod of^the Evangeli- 
cal Lutheran Mmisteri'un of the State of New York and adjacent parts, 
came to my hands, which I now forward to the brethren by mail. 

H. GRiEBER, SecreUry. 


Resoheil, That the sum oi $2 75, postage on minutes, be paid by the 
Treasuff^r out of the same funds, to tlie Rev. President, J. Scherer. 

This heiii[( complied with, 

The sixth Committee was now called upon to Report. 

No. 6. Tlie Committee appointed to examine several letters and to Re- 
port thereon, have attended to their duty, and now ask permission to ex- 
hibit the result of their labor: 

In Uic first place, your Committee has found a letter, which properly is 
a Petition, from Gerber's Church, In Stokes county, N. C, sig-ned by six 
persons of said church, in which they complain that the Rev. Jacob Miller 
had not administered the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper in their Congre- 
gation in three successive years; and, also, had no catechetical instruction 
, nor confirmation amonsfst them : that consequently, many had left the 
Church, and attached themselves to other denominations. They, therefore, 
entreat this Synod to make better provisions for them.— Referred to the 

2ndly, We found a letter containing two important questions on doctri- 
nal points, and duties of the ministry. Your Committee is of the opinion 
that those questions ought to be referred to the Mmisterium. 

3rdly, VVe found an affectionaie letter from the Rev. William Jenkins, 
addressed to this Body, m which he has expressed a probability of never at- 
tending this Synod any more, in consequence of the movements of our 
Church in the West. He wishes to have his absence from the present ses- 
sion of Synod excused; and askes an honorable dismission from this Body, 
under tfie condition, that the contemplated Synod of our Church be found- 
ed in the West. 

We recommend that his absence be excused ; and that, under the con- 
dition, a Lutheran Synod be founded in the West, we would also cheerfully 
reconiiiiend, that he obtain an honorable dismission from this body. 

4thly, We read a letter from the Rev. Adam Grimps, in which he sta- 
ted that it had been impossible for him to attend this Synod, in conse- 
quence of sickness in his family; and wishes to be excused for his non at- 
tendance, as well as to be continued in office. 

We recommend that he be excused for not attending this Synod, and re- 
fer the subject of renewal of his license to the Ministerium. 

Respectfully submitted. HENRY GRiEBER Chairman of Com. 

Resolved, That this Report be adopted. 

Resolved, That this Synod earnestly recommends, that the children of 
the congregations belonging to it, be catechised, either by ministers, ha- 
ving the charge of the congregations to which the children belong, or by 
so!iie other qualified pcrajns who may be appointed by the Minister and 
Church Council; and we further recommend the co-operation of ministers, 
church-councils, and parents in this great and needful work; and that, at 
our next Synodical meeting, every minister report what has been done. 

Resolved, That this Synod recommend all the churches under its care to 
celebrate the 3rd Tiiursday of July next, as a day of Thanksgiving and 
Prayer for the prosperity of Zion. 

The subject of educating young men for the Gospel Ministry was now 
introduced; and that the work could probably be best accomplished on a 
Manuel Labour plan in this section of country. Which was after some de- 
bate laid over for future consideration. 

The Synod proceeded to elect its Delegates to the General Synod; and-, 


tfler coimting" the votes, it appeared that the Rev. Samuel Rothrock was 
duly elected as the Ministerial Delegate, and Mr. Moses L. Brown as the 
Lay Delegate to represent this body in the next General Synod. 

On inotion, Resolved, That Synod adjourn until after preaching. 

The Rev. President closed by pronouncing the divine benediction. 

The Rev. Jacob Miller pronounced a discourse, from I. Cor. 13, 13: " And 
now abideth Faith, Hope, Charity, these three ; but the greatest of these 
is Charity." 

The Synod entered into business. 

The Rev Mr. Sparrow, a Presbyterian Minister, being present, was in- 
troduced and invited to a seat among us as an advisary member. 

The Synod now elected its Five Directors for the Theological Semina- 
ry at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, viz: — Rev. Samuel Rothrock, Rev. Henry 
Grseber, and Rev. William Artz ; — with the Lay-men, Dr. John Stanger, 
and Col. John Smith. 

Resolved, thai the Rev. S. Rothrock, and Rev. H. Grseber serve two 
years, and the other gentlemen four years, as said Directors. 

Resolved, That $25 be given by this Synod to Mr. John Greever, and 
$25 to Mr. Adam Ritter, indigent Students at Gettysburg, Penn. 

Now the Manual Labor plan was taken up. 

Resolved, That five persons be appointed as a Committee to take under 
consideration the propriety of establishing an institution on the Manual 
Labor plan, within the district of this Synod, and that the said Committee 
Report by to-morrow afternoon. 

The following gentlemen were appointed to constitute this Committee, 
viz : Rev. W. Artz, Rev. J. Miller, Rev. D. Jenkins, Dr. John Stanger, 
and Col. John Smith. 

As it was thought expedient to have a Central Book Depository within 
the district of this Synod, to supply the wants of our Church, it was 

Resolved, That Mr. John Murphy, in Salisbury, be our Agent to keep 
said Book Depository, and act as such, so soon as the Secretary of this Sy- 
nod can be authorized, by his ministerial brethren, to instruct him how 
small, or how large an assortment of Lutheran Books would be advisable 
to deposit ; allowing said Agent, as a matter of course, a reasonable profit 
in the sale of them. 

Resolved, That the Rev. Daniel Jenkins be requested to address a friend- 
ly Letter to the Evangelical Lutheran Synod of S. Carolina, in due time. 
Resolved, That the Rev. W. Artz be a Ministerial Delegate to 
attend the German Reformed Synod, on the 2nd Sabbath of this instant. 

Resolved, That our next Synodical Meeting be held on the third 
Sunday in May, 1836 ; and that Pilgrim's Church, Davidson County, N. 
C, be the place. 

Resolved, That 1,000 copies of our Minutes be printed : 600 in 
the English language, and 400 in the German : and also, that the Rev. Se- 
cretary superintend the printing of them ; that he translate them into the 
German language, and that he receive, for the latter, a compensation of 
$5 00. 

Oil motion, Resolved, That Synod adjourn until to-morrow morn- 
ing at 8 o'clock. Closed with prayer by the Secretary. 


l$e<ii«iioii of the flinisterinni : 

Ministerial Session was announced by the Fresidont. 

Whereas, the Rev. Pastor Loci having somewhat reoDvered from his re- 
cent indisposition, it was unanimously agreed that the Mmisterial Session 
be hehi in liis Room this evening. 

The Bretliren having met at early candle-light, the session was opened 
with singing and prayer by the Rev. President. 

Resolccd^ That the reasons which the Rev. Jacob Miller gave for 
not attending Gerber's Church, are not satisfactory. 

Rtsolced, That we countenance no distinction between those 
Christians who are separately prayed for in public, and those who retire 
into their chambers for devotion. 

Resolved, Suppose tliere should be a case, that any Licentiate 
should depreciate religious instruction of youth, which is in accordance 
with the Word of God, and consistent with the good rules of our Church 
by way of catechisation or otherwise; he can never be ordained. 

The Licenses, Journals, and Sermons of the Licentiates present, which 
they had handed in, were examined, and the renewal of their Licences 

Resolved, That the Rev. Adam Grimes's License be renewed for 
one year, when presented, that is, until next Ministerial Session to expire. 

Relative to the several Petitions for ministerial aid from different church- 
es, that were referred by the Synod to this session : induce us indeed to ex- 
press once more, our heartfelt sympathy that we cannot at present supply 
all our respective petitioners with the desired ministerial aid. 

We recommend, that the Rev. President and the Rev. Jacob Grieson 
visit the congregations, Chilhowee and Frederick CoUeps, in Smith coun- 
ty, Va. 

Resohedf That the Rev. Jacob Grieson's License be renewed for 
three years. 

Resolved, That the Rev. Daniel Jenkins's License be renewed 
for one year. 

The said questions which were referred to this Session, are already, in 
a manner, substai.tially answered, by a few of its Resolutions adopted. 

The ministerial b-jsiness being now finished, the Session was closed 
with a prayer by the Rev. Secretary. 

Wednesday Morning, 8 o'clock, May 6, 1835. 

The Synofl resumed its business; after being opened with singing and 
prayer by the Rev. G. Shober. 

The Committee appointed to take under consid< ration the propriety of 
establishing an Institution on the Ma uel Labor plan, for the education of 
young men for the Ministry, within the district of this Synod, were now 
called upon to Report. 

The Committee being prepared, reported as follows: 

The Committee, to whom was referred the Resolution of the Synod re- 
specting the establishment of a Manual Labor School within the bounds 
of this Synod, have given to the subject all the consideration which the 
shortness of the time would admit of; and, not having^ leisure to submit in 


writing" the reasons and considerations that have influenced us, we now 
simply submit the result of our deliberations. 

VVe are unanimously of the opinion, that it is not only expedient, but 
hisfhly necessary to establish, as soon as possible, within the bounds of this 
Synod, an Institution for ihe education of young men for the Ministry, and 
for the general prosperity of the Church ; and, we are further of the opi- 
nion, that the Manual Labor plan, all things considered, is the one which 
will succeed best in this part of the country, and which can be most easi- 
ly accomplished by the means at our command. 

We therefore recommend, that the Synod appoint a Committee of five 
persons, to collect all the information that can be had on this subject, as 
to the probable cost of keeping up such an Institution — also to prepare 
rules and regulations for the Institution, to look out for a fit place of loca- 
tion ; to solicit aid and contributions for the work; and generally to take 
all such steps and measures that they may think necessary, and proper to 
carry the plan into speedy and successful operation. 

And, said Committee, when they shall have made proper progress in 
this work, so as to satisfy them of its practicability, they shall call toge- 
ther the Synod, and submit to them, for their consideration, whai they 
shall have done in the business. — Respectfully submitted. 

WILLIAM ARTZ, Chairman of Comm. 

Resolved, That the Committee recommended in the Report to 
be appointed by the Synod, consist of the following gentlemen : 

Messrs. Charles Fisher, Emanuel Shober, Daniel M. Barringer, Col. 
John Smith, and Rev. Daniel Jenkins. 

The above Report having been thus filled up, it was now — Resolved that 
it be adopted. 

The business of the Synod having now been transacted, 

On motion, Resolved j That we now adjourn, to meet as herein 
before specified. 

Now the members, on bended knees, united with the Rev. President in 
offering up a fervent prayer to the Throne of God, our Father, Saviour, 
and Comforter, invoking his blessing upon them, and his Church at large. 
Attested by HENRY GR.^BER, 

Secretary of the Synod and Ministerium 



From the Minutes of the Education and Missionary Society^ conh- 
posed of the Members of the Eminfrelical Lutheran Synod of 
North- Carolina, 
Wednesday Morning, 9 o'clock, May 6, 1835. 
Aorreeably to a Resolution of the last Session, the Society met in John's 
Church, Salisbury, at the close of the Synod. 
Nineteen persons subscribed their names as members of the Society. 
An election for Officers for the ensuing year was held; -and tlie follow- 
ing- persons were chosen, viz: 

Rev. WILLIAM ARTZ, President, 
Rev. HENRY GR^EBER, Secretary, 
Mr. MOSES L. BROWN, Treasurer. 
The following gentlemen were elected Directors, viz: 

Resolved, That these Directors serve for the term of one year. 
A Committee was elected by ballot to employ a Missionary, composed 
of the following persons: 

Rev. Daniel Jenkins, Mr. Daniel Cress, Mr. George Vogler. 

Resolved, That a Committee be appointed to examine the Trea- 
surers account 

Resolved, That the President appoint said Committee. 

Dr. John Stanger and Col. S. Lemly vvere appointed. 

Resolved, That we adjourn until after preaching. 

Now the Rev. President of the Society pronounced, from Gal. 6, 9: 

"And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, 
if we faint not." 

Immediately afler Divine Worship, the Rev. President of the Svnod 
arose and expressed the thanks of the Syno<i to the Members of the Con- 
gregation for the kindness and hospitality they had shown us, during our 
stay amongst them. 

The Society resumed its business; when si.x persons more subscribed 
their names as members. 

The Committee, appointed to examine the Treasurer's account, now re- 

The Committee appointed to examine the account:? of the late Treasu- 
rer of the Education and Missionary Society of North Carolina, the Rev. 
Samuel Rothrock, have performed that duty, and Report as follows: 


It appears, from the account rendered, that the sum came into his hands, 
since the last settlement, of $: 120 944 

And it further appears, that the sum of - - - - ^ 105 33 

has been paid out to the Rev. Daniel Jenkins for his servi- 

ces as Missionary, for the term of 5 months and 23 days. 

Which will leave in the Treasury at present, the sum of 15 61^ 

The amount contributed at the present Session of the Society, 

which is here added 17 00 

Total $32 61i 
Humbly submitted, this 6th day of May, 1835. 

Rf.wlved, That this Report be adopted. 
Resolved, That an extract of the Minutes be printed. 
Resolved, That we meet again, at Pil*rrim's Church, in Davidson 
county, N. C, at the close of the next Session of the Synod. 

Resolved, That the Rev. Daniel Jenkins preach a Missionary Dis- 
course at said time and in said place. 

Tlie Rev. President pronounced the Society adjourned, and dismissed 
the whole raeetinsr with the Divine Benediction.— True extract. 

Attested by HENRY GR^BER, 

Secretary of the Education and Missionary Society. 


Much Esteemed Brethren : By the blessing and grace of God, we have 
again been permitted to assemble in our Synodical Convention, and it be- 
comes my duty, according to the Constitution, to submit to you a report of 
my official transactions since the last meeting of this body. 

The Lord has still continued, ordinarily, to pour out his spirit upon our 
Evangelical Zion at different times and in different places, during the past 
year. True practical religion is consequently exercised by many of her 
sons and daughters; and those, too, whom the Lord has made Watchmen 
over her, seem to have zealously proclaimed the joyful news of Salvation 
to the precious souls of their charge, and have faithfully attended to the or- 
dinances of God's House since our last Session: with the exception of a 
few individuals. The latter is a matter of deep regret. Delicacy forbids 
me at present to enter into a detail of the subject. 

One of said individuals, however, was directed to suspend all clerical 
functions until, at the present session, his guilt or innocence be determin- 
ed. This direction has left the room of my retirement on the 24th day of 
October next. As a Committee of three Ordained Ministers could not be 
obtained at that time to investigate the case, it was deemed expedient and 
necessary to appoint in their stead a Committee of four respectable Church 
Officers, from other congregations; having at the same time accepted the 
Rev. Jacob Scherer in cases of difficulty. They have discharged their du- 
ty on the 6th day of December last, and will be prepared to hand in the 
Report of their investigation to this botly when calleci upon: I have also 
letters in my care relative to this unpleasant and painful subject, which 
can be presented at a proper time. 


The case of the other is a peculiar one, and altogether different from the 
former, and becomes a subject of discujjsion in the Mini«ternini. 

In comphance with a Resolution passed at our last Synod, I addressed a 
letter to the Rev. Jacob Miller in the month of July, requesting of him in- 
formation on the proposed questions; and, in October last, I received a pro- 
tracted communication from him. If this letter be laid before this body, 
or rather be given to a Committee, it is possible tliat it will, m its spirit, 
give all the information required. t^ • , t • 

Also in October last, I received a letter from the Rev. Daniel Jenkins, 
in which he stated, among other thing?, the success of his labors in David- 
son County ; doubtless, if this work be of God, it w ill prosper, but if it be of 
men, it will come to naught. 

Respectinir our vacant Congregations, little, and for some ot them, no- 
hinir at all could be done during the past Synodical year, for the want of 
more ministers and an adequate support for them; nor have I any prospect 
at present that a change for the better can be effected in this unfavorable 

Tt»« Several special Conferences, appointed at our last Session, have 
.imen held in their different places, but the anticipated success on two occa- 
sions was very considerably impeded, as it happened, by the mclemency of 
the weather, and other peculiarities. ^ , , • o 

The 31st day of October last, being the Anniversary of the glorious Re- 
formation ot Dr. Martin Luther, recommended to our Churches as a day of 
prayer and thanksgiving, was celebrated by a number of our people in se- 

^^iiavintr been appointed, at our last Session, as a Ministerial Delegate to 
the Evan'c^elical Lutheran Synod of South Carolina; and as I could not ful- 
fil the one part of the appointment, I complied with the other, by sending 
them a letter in the room of my personal presence at a proper time. 

In conclusion, I have only to add, my Brethren, that I feel grateful to you 
for the brotherly love and forbearance which you have manifested towards 
me, as well as for the confidence which you have reposed in me during my 
continuance in the official station from which I must now retire, according 
to the provisions of the Constitution. May God continue to favor us with 
his crracious presence and blessing in all our deliberations here, and labors 
elsewiere and enable us to promote the welfare of his Church to the glo- 
ry of his name. HExNRY GRiEBER, President.